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Audio Video Analysis Services

We offer audio enhancement, video enhancement, tape restoration, audio noise reduction, voice identification, tape authentication, digital image authentication, surveillance tape de-multiplexing, image stabilization, audio authenticity analysis, video authenticity analysis, courtroom audio visual A/V presentation systems, TASER CAM audio video authenticity, wiretap authenticity, and expert witness testimony for law enforcement, legal professionals and the general public.

Audio and Video Evidence Is Crucial

Through the use of image clarification, AVFL improves the quality of video surveillance tapes and digital video files. Clarification involves digital techniques that can reveal detail from shadow or blurry images. We stabilize and enhance Cell Phone and TASER video clips. Through the use of Super Resolution technology we dramatically enlarge a degraded image so that it becomes valuable evidence.

For audio, sophisticated computers and algorithms process the noise out while enhancing the voice. Intelligability is greatly improved. Near and far speakers can then be understood and identified. Artifacts introduced by recording and re-recording are removed.

Authenticity: With sophisticated computers we examine digital audio, digital video, media from mobile devices such as the Apple IPhone and IPad, TASER CAM video clips and wiretaps for tampering. We examine audio and video tapes through test instruments and tape microscopy for authenticity.

Equipment and Software

AVFL uses the latest digital audio video enhancement tools available. Featuring tools developed at NASA and the CIA, and audio tools utilized by the FBI, Secret Service and DEA, we put the power of the federal government and the skills of trained forensic examiners to work for civilians, local police and the entire professional investgative community. With it we can:

- Clarify dark footage.
Crucial details are hidden in video due to poor lighting, improperly adjusted and maintained cameras and cheap video equipment. Super Resolution technology can reconstitute lost details from cell phone and low resolution IP surveillance video. We can compensate for the poorly exposed video by analyzing the entire video, or just a region of interest to adjust brightness, contrast and gamma to bring out more detail. We can remove noise and video graininess. When the target remains still for even a moment, video noise and other transient items like rain and snow are removed, revealing the details hidden beneath.

- Display and Hear footage, audio and stills properly in court. We can provide a well thought out high resolution A/V presentation system to accomodate all of the critical viewing and listening challenges one might encounter in court. Our projection system is easy to operate and includes a computer, high output projector, easily positionable high contrast screen. The famous Bose portable audio system is also available. Rental in the New York Tri-State area includes delivery, setup and retrieval. The system can be shipped anywhere in the USA.
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